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Our Mission: Spreading the Joy of Live Potted Christmas Trees in Tauranga and Beyond

In 2022, Steven and Kaitlin founded Tree Shepherds, which was born out of the desire for a more practical and sustainable Christmas tree. The seed of this idea was planted during the previous Christmas when Kaitlin was on the search for the perfect Christmas tree for the festive season. She wanted an alternative to the plastic trees that are imported from overseas, or freshly cut trees that would soon shed needles and need to be thrown away. She pictured a living potted tree that could be cherished for years to come.

However, the challenge came that they had limited garden space and were reluctant to handle the year-round care. That’s when the concept of Tree Shepherds sprouted.

The idea was simple but effective: to have a living potted Christmas tree that would fill your home with the scent of Christmas in December, and then you can return it to a farm for the rest of the year until the next festive season. Inspired by this, Steven and Kaitlin did some research and discovered there were no options available, no one in New Zealand was renting out Christmas trees. Determined to fill this gap, they made it their mission to bring this innovative and sustainable approach to life, and Tree Shepherds was born.

Steven Chinnery-Brown
Founder, Tree Shepherds
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At Tree Shepherds, our mission is to bring the joy of a live potted Christmas tree into every home in Tauranga and the wider Bay of Plenty during the festive season. We aim to provide families with Christmas trees that grow alongside the family, becoming cherished traditions that can be enjoyed year after year. Our commitment and business model go beyond creating lasting memories, we strive to build a sustainable business that harnesses the power of renewable resources, leaving a positive impact on our future for generations

As Tree Shepherds grows in size, we plan to expand our range to New Zealand native trees that can be replanted in reserves when they reach the end of their rental life. By embracing this vision, we’re fostering a greener future, where the magic of Christmas and eco-conscious responsibility go hand in hand.

We Have a Wide Range of Quality Christmas Trees Available

From forest to festivity: choose a sustainable Christmas tree, delivered straight to your door. We care for all our trees in Tauranga, where they are potted, hand-trimmed and fertilised. The eco-friendly, practical and convenient way to celebrate the Christmas holidays is with a fresh, living Christmas tree.