The Process


Select Your Tree!

Rent a tree. Order your Christmas tree (a refundable deposit of $40 will be added to your order to ensure the safe return of the tree) and don’t forget to check out our collection of lights and decorations to give your Christmas tree the love it deserves.

While we happily provide a delivery service for your tree, you have the option to personally select your tree within the designated pick-up timeframe if you desire. Alternatively, rest assured that we will meticulously choose a tree on your behalf, treating it with the same care and attention as if it were for our own home.
Pot Grown Christmas Trees
About Getting Trees Soil


Pick Up or Delivered?

Delivery and collection are $80 in total (within the Tauranga area). Otherwise, it is $50 each way. This is because these Christmas trees are living plants and need to be handled with care, not just thrown in a delivery van!

Here are the pick-up and drop-off times:

  • Tree pick-up will be from 23th November until 8th December 2024
  • Tree drop-off will be from the 4rd of January until the 7th of January 2024
  • Pick up and drop off location to be confirmed

Christmas trees measuring up to 4ft can conveniently fit into a standard car boot. However, for trees exceeding 4ft in height, we highly recommend opting for our delivery service unless you possess a trailer or ute equipped with a spacious deck to securely transport the tree in a flat position. Trees can also be picked up early if needed for a $15 charge.


Enjoy Your Festive Season!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and with our Christmas tree rental service, you can experience the magic of Christmas without the hassle. By choosing a rented Christmas tree, you’re making an eco-conscious choice that minimises waste.

Reserve your Christmas tree with Tree Shepherds today and embark on a festive season filled with wonder, warmth and cherished memories.

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Trees Returned


Return Your Tree To Our Care

So we can maintain the quality of our trees for many Christmases to come, if you have used your tree decorations, we kindly request that you return the tree free of any decorations. If you have hired decorations from us, please return them in the same condition they were received, using the bag provided.

If you require your tree to be collected by Tree Shepherds, please do not leave your tree outside in plain sight, instead find a secure location, as we don’t wish for any trees to go missing! If placing the tree outside, be sure to water it to ensure it is nourished before it returns to the Christmas tree farm.

Heading away for the festive season? All trees can be returned earlier if you are heading away on holiday after Christmas.